Membership in the CPRS Northern Lights chapter provides you many benefits, such as networking, professional development and accreditation. Specifically, as a member of CPRS Northern Lights, you’ll enjoy access to the following:

  • Brown Bag Lunch and Learns: This event is held once a month, with a break during the summer months. It is an opportunity for Chapter members to enjoy a brown bag lunch together while listening to a presentation on a topic that is relevant to Public Relations. This event also provides a great opportunity to network with other Chapter members. A live streaming option is available to members who live outside of Prince George.
  • Pint-Size Pro-D: This event gives Chapter members the chance to get together in an informal setting to enjoy some appies and bevvies and to discuss topics relevant to Public Relations under the guidance of a moderator or to network.
  • Building Blocks: Held once a year, this workshop provides a full day of learning for Chapter members. A live streaming option is available to members who live outside of Prince George.
  • Facebook Group: Join the Chapter’s private Facebook group to stay up-to-date on Chapter events, job openings, and other happenings in the Public Relations world, as well as to connect with other Chapter members. In addition to joining the group, make sure to follow us on Twitter @CPRSNL.
  • Networking: The chance to connect with other communicators located across north-central British Columbia and in the Okanagan.
  • Executive Positions: If you want to get more involved in Chapter activities, you can express your interest in joining the Chapter’s Board of Directors to our President in advance of our next Annual General Meeting.

And that’s not all! Find out more about the benefits of joining CPRS on the national website.

We always welcome new people into our Northern Lights group! Even if you’re not sure about becoming a full member, join us for a Lunch & Learn session! Sessions are $15 for non-members, or $10 for members.

Ready to join? Visit the CPRS national website to find out more about applying for a membership.

Have questions? Contact us.


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