March is Membership Month

Membership MonthMarch is Membership Month!

During membership month (March), I’m asking for your support in spreading the word about the benefits of being a CPRS member. The National office provided a template e-mail for you to personalize as you see fit, which you can then forward to colleagues who you think should consider joining CPRS (contact Matt for a copy of this email).

But before you do, think about the reasons you made the decision to join and what it has meant to you, and share that in your email. You can tell your story far better than my template e-mail can!

Don’t forget about the Member Referral Program – you will receive a $100 credit toward all national programs and offerings, to help pay for things like membership fees, awards submissions, national conference registration, and accreditation fees. I know I’m owed 100 bucks this year!

We have 26 national members at this writing, and we’re bucking the trend when it comes to membership attraction and retention. Our numbers are better than most chapters, so let’s keep the ball rolling!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding CPRS, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any other member of the executive.

Thanks very much for your support – I’m very proud to be president of this fine chapter, and look forward to its continued success.

~Matt Wood, President

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