Beyond the Hype 2018

733526_e78d14e1e3ec4ce8979e234576a2d59f_mv2Don’t miss out on BEYOND THE HYPE 2018 Conference & Mixer at Royal Roads University in Victoria, hosted by the Victoria chapter of CPRS.

CPRS-VI has even extended a special invitation for CPRS-NL members to attend at the CPRS-VI members-rate!


Want to attend an awesome one-day conference for experienced communications and public relations professionals? Join us for CPRS-VI’s BEYOND THE HYPE 2018 professional development conference on Friday, November 23 from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at beautiful Royal Roads University in Victoria!

We’re keeping it real, authentic, and practical. If you’re looking for a day of talking heads, theory, and death-by-PowerPoint, this event is not for you.

If you’re looking to walk away at the end of the day feeling inspired, with new connections and meaningful tools that you’re excited to implement right away, then Beyond the Hype 2018 is where you’ll want to be!

Here’s a peek at our program line-up:

KEYNOTE – Off Camera: Tamara Taggart Gets Real

Other sessions include:

•         What’s UX and Why Should You Care?

•         Don’t Feed Your Public Steak and Your Employees Dog Food

•         Storytellers and Their Stories: Lessons Learned From Behavioural Sciences

•         Cracking the Code: How to Show Value and Speak the Language of the C-Suite (Moderated CEO Panel)

And don’t miss our Mixer at Hatley Castle – that’s right, a castle! (complimentary admission from 4:45 p.m. to 7 p.m.) We’ll feed and water you well throughout the day, finishing with a Mixer at the majestic Hatley Castle, where you can kick back, connect and cultivate your network with peeps who share and understand your world!

Real stories. Real strategies. Really helpful.

Registration is now open! All BC-based CPRS members get the member rate. Get the Early Bird price until October 28.

Register TODAY:

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